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May 2, 2016

Which Tokico shock is best for you?

Which Tokico Shock type fits your needs?   The following information has been compiled to help you select the correct suspension option for your personal ride preference. HTS Shocks: HTS series shocks and struts allow drivers to tune suspension adjustments for every style of driving from autocross, road racing, and […]
November 16, 2015

8th Gen Honda Civic Mishimoto Radiator & Hose Install

Mishimoto Radiator and Hose Install in 8th Gen Civic Approx. install time: About an hour Tools Needed: 10mm socket 3/8 or 1/4 Drive 3/8 or 1/4 drive ratchet A flat head screwdriver Metric allen keys Pliers – i used needle nose Coolant Rags Funnel Let’s start by removing the black […]
May 13, 2015

Honda Civic Transmission Tech Guide

ZC: 21 Spline, 88CRX Tranny (has pilot bearing) or ZC Tranny (pilot bushing) CRX Tranny – Use 08-009-HD00 ZC Tranny – use 08-006-HD00 Either clutch is 7 7/8″ Upgrade to 89-91 to 92 Specs, FW-702, 08-012-SD00 clutch, 8 3/8″ ’88 Civic/CRX 7-7/8″ disc, 21 spline ’89 Civic/CRX 7-7/8″ disc 20 […]
May 12, 2015

Honda Acura B Series Piston Tech Guide

Compression Ratio for Stock Engines   Engine-Piston B16A-PR3 B16A-P30 (JDM) B17A1-P61 B18C1 P72-A0 (US) B18C1 P72-00 (JDM) B18C5-P73-A0 (US) B18C5-P73-00 (JDM) B16B-PCT (JDM) B18B Compression Ratio 10.2 10.4 9.7 10.0 10.6 10.6 11.1 10.8 NA   Approximate Compression Ratio for Engine-Piston Mixes   Engine Piston B16B or Civic Type-R P73 […]