Civic Transmission Tech Guide

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ZC: 21 Spline, 88CRX Tranny (has pilot bearing) or ZC Tranny (pilot bushing)

CRX Tranny – Use 08-009-HD00
ZC Tranny – use 08-006-HD00
Either clutch is 7 7/8″
Upgrade to 89-91 to 92 Specs, FW-702, 08-012-SD00 clutch, 8 3/8″
’88 Civic/CRX 7-7/8″ disc, 21 spline
’89 Civic/CRX 7-7/8″ disc 20 spline
’90-91 Civic/CRX 8-3/8″ disc 20 spline
’92-up Civic 8-3/8″ disc 20 spline
’88-91 all use same release bearing, ’92-up all use same release bearing

Acura/Honda Flywheel bolt comparison:


Fidanza D-series flywheel thickness at pad: 11.2mm

OE D-Series Crank bolt hole depth at pad: 14.9mm

OE B-Series flywheel thickness at pad: 12.6mm

OE B-Series Crank bolt hole depth at pad: 14.9mm

B-Series Clutches:

All have 24 Spline

31/32nds (89 Japan) 90-91

1-1/32 1992-2001