Electric Fan Installation

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We thought it would be nice to post up a quick guide on how to wire up a Mishimoto electric fan.

We hope this is helpful and can answer any questions!


– 1 x 5 post relay
– 2 x 10 AMP fuses
– 15 feet of 18 gauge wire


Run a 12 volt positive wire to the relay (put a 10amp fuse in this wire). The other side of this relay is the positive connection to the fan.

The ground from your fan can be grounded to the body of the car. Make sure it’s a good ground.

Find an accessory wire to tap off of. This is a wire that becomes hot when the key is in the “on” position.

Tap a wire off of the found accessory and run it to the switching side of the relay (put a 10amp fuse in this wire), and then ground the other side
of the switch.

Wiring your fans like this will make them turn on when the key is in the “on” position (when the engine is running).

And that is how simple it is to install a Mishimoto electric fan!

Thanks and Enjoy!