Why KTeller Exhaust?

When it comes to exhaust systems, especially ones for sport compacts, there are only a handful of companies out there. However they all seems to subscribe to the same mentality when designing their systems, use 2.25″ pipe, a few nuts and bolts and away you go. There is no flexibility or customization available. Maybe I need a 2.5″ or even a 3″ exhaust or perhaps I prefer the exhaust note of a different brand of muffler? Well thanks to KTeller and their mandrel bent exhaust kits, these options are easily achieved. So we want to break down why Kteller Exhaust are the way to go!

The KTeller Exhaust difference

You may be asking yourself why a KTeller kit and not just a muffler shop? The answer is simple… quality, fitment, and flexibility.

KTeller’s exhaust kits come as a complete mandrel bent piping kit, from the catalytic converter all the way to the back of the car (or wherever the exhaust exits). Whereas at a muffler shop you will more then likely get a cheaper “crush” or pressure bent system since shops with mandrel tubing benders are few and very far between. Some shops have been known to pass crush bent exhaust as mandrel as they don’t know the difference or even care. Some have even resorted to increasing the tubing size of their crush bent systems to hopefully negate the negative effects that crush bent systems have. All in all it adds up to a inferior exhaust system that you just paid a pretty penny for.

Know the difference, “crush” vs. mandrel.

When a pipe is “crush” or pressure bent to shape, the process is exactly how it sounds, the pipe is crushed when it is bent to shape. In turn this can reduce the inside diameter of the pipe as much as 20%, so you’re 2.25″ exhaust just got squeezed down to 1.8″. Whereas a mandrel bent pipe maintains it’s inside diameter through all of the bends. The smoother the bends, the less turbulence, the better the flow, the easier the exhaust is expelled, it’s just as simple as that.

A comparison of a crush bent 90° angle (top) and a mandrel bent (bottom).

Notice how the crush bent is significantly smaller through the bend.

Cross cut of the pipe to show the reduction of the inside diameter of the crush bent (left) and how the mandrel maintains its size completely (right).

KTeller Exhaust

It fits for a reason.

Have you ever installed an aftermarket part on your car and it just doesn’t fit right or is just slightly off? Ever wonder why? It’s because most manufacturers make their products so that it fits more makes, models, or different years of the same vehicle just to cut down on production cost. This is not the case for KTeller exhaust kits. Each kit is specifically tailored for each vehicle to insure the proper fitment each and every time.


What makes KTeller’s exhaust kits stand out from the rest of the market is their flexibility and customization. Each kit has the option of being made of stainless steel or a more budget friendly aluminized steel. Piping sizes start at 2.25″ with options for 2.5″ and even 3″, something that even the biggest manufacturers don’t offer. Since each kit is just the tubing portion of the exhaust, any style or brand of muffler, resonators, and catalytic converters can be used. Complete freedom to choose and make your exhaust sound the way you want!

Each kit comes with the necessary hangers, gaskets, and flanges to make installation a snap for the DIYer or even a shop.

3″ Stainless Steel KTeller exhaust kit.

Whether you are turbocharged or naturally aspirated, putting down 500 horses on the strip or driving to work everyday, KTeller’s exhaust kits offer the most flexibility and customization than anyone else on the market.