Scott Cromer’s EP3

Scott Cromer’s EP3 Turbo K-Frankenstein


  • Name: Scott Cromer
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Age:25
  • Build time: Bought the EP new off the lot in Aug 2004 and have been working on it since
  • First car: 66 Ford Mustang
  • Credits: Photographs By: Ivan Dobrev, Write Up Review from


  • 2004 Civic Si EP3


  • K24a1/K20a2 Frankenstein
  • K20a2 oil pump/baffle
  • K20a2 oil pan
  • K20z3 upper cam chain guide
  • Hondata K-pro
  • Hondata IMG
  • Hondata boost solenoid
  • Precision 1000cc Injectors
  • RBC/shaved
  • Golden Eagle fuel rail (polished)
  • Walbro 255lph HP fuel pump
  • ARP head studs
  • Kteller 3″ Stainless Steel Ep3 Exhaust Kit
  • Vibrant 3in ultra quiet resonator
  • NGK 8′s
  • JDM dipstick
  • Buddy Club EP3 Oil Cap
  • Buddy Club Ep3 Rdiator Cap
  • Odyssey pc680
  • Shaved/Tucked bay
  • Garrett 60-1 .82ar s-cover
  • Peak Boost manifold
  • Peak Boost intercooler piping
  • Peak Boost 3in down pipe
  • Peak Boost test pipe
  • Peak Boost dump tube
  • PWR intercooler
  • Tial 44mm wastegate
  • Tial 50mm BOV
  • HPC silver 2000* coating
  • DEI heat wrap on dp, dt


  • Quaife LSD
  • Competition Clutch twin disk
  • 5-Speed

Buddy Club RSD
SPC camber kit
Removed front sway bar
05 Type S rear sway bar

Type S brake calipers
Power Slot rotors
Carbotech brake pads F:xp12 R:xp10
Removed ABS
Motul RBF660

Enkei RPF1 17×8 +35
Toyo R888 235/40/17
Muteki lug nuts

S2000 start button
Team Voodoo shift knob
Buddy Club short shifter
Epod gauge pod
Autometer Ultra-Lite boost gauge
Autometer Ultra-Lite A/F gauge
Aluminum shifter bushings
Red H on steering wheel
5% window tint
JDM coin holder

02-03 CTR front bumper/lip
CTR side skirts
CTR rear bumper/lip
CTR 02-03 tail lights
CTR 04-05 LHD HID projectors
HFP spoiler
JDM side markers

Dyno Numbers
529whp 387wtq on a Mustang Dyno

11.4 @128mph, should hit 10s with the current weight reduction

Future Plans
Fuel return
Wider wheels and tires
More suspension parts
Race seat
Picking up some sponsors would be nice

I would like to thank Brian Martinez for tuning and fabrication. Thanks to Mike at KTeller, Thanks to Tim Clark and George Bessey for helping in the garage. Props to the homie Ken Peak at PeakBoost, and thanks to Competition Clutch.

Any funny build stories or issues that you overcame to put this car together?
My biggest issue was dealing with the HOA and the neighbors that can’t mind their own. They want me to work with my garage doors shut in 115* weather. At one point they made a claim to the city i was running a business in my garage and they came and inspected it.

Favorite mods.
Turbochargers! Even rockin the Cybernation kit with Guardian e.i., when that was the best option, on the stock A3 with stock everything else was a blast only making 240whp.

Worst previous mod.
Falken RT-615, when they came out they were so overrated and i hated them till i sold them.

Shows or events the car has attended or placed in.
You can see it at Redline Time Attack.


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