Hypertech Press Release -2014-2016 Chevy Corvette 6.2L LT1!

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Hypertech has released a new update for the Max Energy™ 2.0 Power Programmer adding new custom tuning features for the 2014 Chevy Corvette 6.2L LT1.

 The free update for the Max Energy 2.0 adds new user-adjustable custom tuning options for Throttle Response, and Shift Response, Torque Converter Slip, and Shift Firmness for the 6-speed (6L80) transmissions.

 Updates are available for existing inventory via the Hypertech Tuner Update Software. This update is available for free to customers who already own a Max Energy 2.0 Power Programmer.

 Our Hypertech Engineers went back to the drawing board, and spent months developing new features that truly redefine the capability of the Max Energy 2.0 Programmer. These newly added features allow you to customize your tuning to fit the exact benefits you want. You can focus the Hypertech tuning towards ECONOMY or towards an all out TRACK tune, and anywhere in between. Rather than offering a single “one tune fits all” solution, the Max Energy 2.0 can dial in the tuning for anything you can think of. Plus, once you have your settings selected you can save them as a Custom Tune for quick access later. Swapping between an “Economy” setup during the week to a “Track” tune for some fun on the weekend couldn’t be easier!

For more info and dyno charts, visit Hypertech.


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