HKS Press Release – GT1000+ Turbos for the GTR Now Available!



The highly anticipated HKS GT1000+ turbo kit for the GTR, capable of over 1200 HP is here! The new GTII 8267 Twin Symmetry turbos are an upgrade over the GT1000’s GTII 7867 turbos, providing an easy upgrade for even more power. The new GTII 8267 turbos are direct replacements for anyone running a GT1000 kit, or the complete GT1000+ kit can be purchased (turbos + setup kit) for the ultimate build! In stock now!

14001-AK027 GTII 8267 Symmetry Twin-Turbo
14020-AN008 Set Up Kit GT1000+ R35

For more information on these turbo kits, check out HKS.


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