D Series SOHC Header

D-series Race header

304 Stainless Steel
2.5in Collector
Hand Tig Welded
Fits: D15B, D16Z6, D16Y8, D Series Non Vtec
Chassis:EF, EG,EK

More pics below along with Dyno Charts. So affordable there is no reason not to buy one :

Test car was a simple SOHC NON-VTEC ZC engine. Ill get right to the graphs


This graph shows you the D-series Race header (RED) at REDLINE versus the Ebay header (BLUE)

THis graph shows you the D-series Race header (RED) at 4000 RPMs versus the EBAY Header (Blue)

This graph shows you the D-series Race header (RED) at 4500 RPMs versus the Ebay Header (BLUE)

Final Analysis: Basically our header made more power EVERYWHERE over the EBAY 4-1 which is comparable to a DC off the shelf header in terms of piping size, design, etc. Both headers were run OPEN HEADER, no cats or exhaust hooked up. NO TUNING PERFORMED.

If you look at our graph you will see that our header keeps climbing and making power at redline where the other header falls off. This header is really screaming for an aftermarket cam.

This test proves that even on the mildest of engines you can make good gains (as much as 10whp in the midrange) and it will definetly work well on much more modded engines