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12 Second All Motor Civic

I have owned this car for 8 years and it started off as not much to look at and was originally faded black with tan interior but ended up turning out nicely. However it is time for me to part ways as I dont really drive it and have moved on to something different. The car is a 93 coupe dx with clean title and history. Around 142K miles on chassis total as over the 8 years there was some down time and didn’t drive it to much since it was my project car and was never meant to be a DD. The current motor setup has 1600 miles on it.

B18C1 2.0
Dan Benson Sleeved
85mm custom lightweight JE Pistons 12:1 CR
LS Eagle rods
LS Crank

B16A Head
Competition Port and Polish by Joe Alaniz
Pro Chamber Work by Joe Alaniz
Joe Alaniz valve train with titanium retainers
ITR Lost motion assemblies
Skunk2 stg 2 cams
Skunk2 Adj Cam Gears
Port match ITR intake manifold
RC bored GSR t/body 64mm
Danny Tran Racing (DTR) Custom Header
Kteller Custom 2.5″ mandrel bend exhaust with Magnaflow resonator and
ES Oval Muffler with sleeper exhaust tip
2.5″ test pipe

Locash tuned on Neptune
Walbro 250 lph High flow fuel pump
AEM high flow fuel rail
AEM fuel pressure regulator
RC 310 cc Injectors
PWR Dual core Aluminum Radiator

B16A Hydro transmission
JDM ITR 4.785 Final drive
3rd gear replacement
3-4 syncro set replacement
Gsr 4th and 5th gear with new 5th-R syncro set

GSR brake booster
GSR brake master cylinder
Integra RS 40/40 proportion valve
ITR front brake calipers
Integra front knuckles
94 prelude vtec rotors
GSR rear disc convertion

Neuspeed/Bilstein coilovers
Custom k/sport rear drag springs
Civic Ex front sway bar
Skunk2 front and rear strut towers bars
Full Race traction bars

16×7 Gold Drag/Slipstreams
New Falken Azenzis 205/40/16
SSK black Superlight Lug nuts

Sunset Orange Paint exterior
Doors removed to paint door jams
(under hood and trunk left oem black)
VIS carbon fiber hood Color matched
Emblems removed

Black civic dash
Black door panels
Black GSR front seats
carpet removed, rear interior removed
OEM radio delete cover with Autometer Oil pressure and Coolant temp Gauges
NFG quick disconnect
NRG steering hub lock
Momo Chanpion Steering Wheel
Custom Alarm

Locash tuned produced 223 whp and 157 ft lbs I don’t list all prices like some care to do, but if you know your stuff then you know how much things cost. I am not looking to trade, however if there is a trade plus cash then maybe. I am not looking to part out yet either unless there is a buyer for the chassis or the swap. I will update if that is the case. Here are a few pics that I have. I am selling for $7500 OBO . Thanks

One of the best factor’s is that the car passes emissions without any issue with the a stock converter installed which I have as well for it. Gotta love a good tune and motor. Thanks Joe (locash) and Scotty (Collective)