K&N Press Release – Air Filter for the Ducati Scrambler Increases Intake Airflow

K&N Press Release – Air Filter for the Ducati Scrambler Increases Intake Airflow


Ducati sales numbers have reached several historical highs in the last few years. It’s no coincidence that the market resurgence of the venerable Italian marquee coincides with the unveiling of the Scrambler series. The Scrambler is the chameleon of the motorcycling world as the model comes in several different incarnations for various purposes and customers. No matter how it’s dressed, the Scrambler is a competent, affordable, and uniquely entertaining motorcycle.du-8015

To get the most out of the 803cc L-twin engine, Scrambler owners can now drop legendary K&N performance into the stock air box. The fuel injected Scrambler breathes through a 50mm throttle body that craves more O2. It’s no secret that Ducati twin cylinder models benefit markedly from a more free-flowing air supply and that’s exactly what the DU-8015 replacement filter is engineered to provide. The DU-8015 is specifically designed to facilitate an increased airflow, which is a key factor in elevated performance.

du-8015_withboxThe American made DU-8015 comes with K&N’s reassuring Million-Mile Limited Warranty. So what does that mean to you? It means that the DU-8015 is the last air filter that your Ducati will ever need. The washable and reusable filter will end the expensive and wasteful cycle of replacing single-use paper filters. The pleated media on the high flow filter provides a large filtration surface that extends service intervals. The K&N 99-5000 air filter cleaning kit makes that occasional cleaning and re-oiling process easy and convenient.

To keep the Ducati running clean, the DU-8015 features several layers of woven cotton gauze media that provide excellent filtration. The air filter cartridge is also carefully engineered to provide a tight and reliable seal so unfiltered air can’t make its way around the filter’s rubber frame. Clean air and lots of it; that’s what’s on the menu for your Ducati with the DU-8015.

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