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BMW E36 Mishimoto Expansion Tank

bmw expansion tank

BMW Expansion Tank E36 Aluminum Coolant Tank for 1992–1999

Part Number: MMRT-E36-92
Direct fit for the 1992–1999 BMW E36
Dipstick allows for proper coolant levels
All-aluminum, fully-welded construction for maximum durability during repeated cold and hot transitions
Installs in under 1 hour
Included Mishimoto High-Pressure 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap raises the boiling point of engine coolant to provide a safer and more efficient system
Fits stock and Mishimoto BMW E36 Performance Fan Shroud Kit
Available in polished or anodized black
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

The BMW Expansion Tank video was provided by Mishimoto directly! However Kteller strongly recommends the bmw expansion tank as a must have item for your BMW. Mishimoto is one of the leading companies in coolant, radiators, intercoolers and is up and coming in the intake market. If you have not yet heard of Mishimoto, please visit their website