Dynamic Performance B Series Scatter Shield


B Series Scatter Shield

A scatter shield is to contain pieces of the clutch and flywheel in case those parts decide to fail at high RPM and explode. Without a B Series Scatter Shield, chunks of your flywheel can kill you, someone else or even seriously injure you. This product is NHRA approved and is required on cars running 11.99 or quicker. You will not be able to compete without one once you are running under 12 seconds.


  • Fits all Honda or Acura “B” series engines cable & hydro.
  • Item is CNC machined from cold rolled 1018 steel.
  • This item is NHRA approved. Required on cars running 11.99 or quicker.
  • Easy installation, uses minimal tools and time.
  • Available for B, H or K series only. (each sold separately)


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B Series Scatter Shield

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