BLOX Racing Fuel Injectors

BLOX Racing Fuel Injectors for Honda/Acura

It is with great pleasure, and after much research and development, that BLOX Racing announces its new line of fuel injectors specifically designed for Honda/Acura engines.  BLOX Racing fuel injectors have been designed and extensively tested to offer optimum performance and reliability.

BLOX Racing fuel injectors begin with brand new, Bosch™ fuel injector cores.  Using the latest in injector technologies, each high impedance injector is match tested so each set guarantees an accurate flow each time.  High impedance, also referred to as saturated, injectors require less current to operate thus reducing the amount of heat generated during each cycle allowing the injectors to stay cooler.  All in all, BLOX Racing fuel injectors provide excellent throttle response and even better mid range tuning capabilities.

BLOX Racing fuel injectors will initially be available for Honda B-series and K-series engines.  Initial injector sizes to be offered:


BLOX Racing fuel injectors come with all the necessary O-rings and hardware for a perfect and secure fit each time.  Plug-and play-adapters are also available and sold separately.


Many customers ask the ever popular question :  What are the differences between low impedance/peak & hold and high impedance/saturated injectors?

Low impedance injectors open faster due to the type of electrical pattern emitted by the ECU, commonly referred to as a “peak and hold” pattern. The High (6amp) current opens the injectors while a lower signal keeps the injector open. While this setup may be slightly faster, the low impedence injectors are superior head dissipation parts.

High impedance injectors are triggered by a low current signal and kept open by the same constant  (saturated) current for the entire cycle. Due to the lower current needed, less heat is generated during each cycle allowing the injector to stay cool and therefore increase its reliability.