AEM Press Release – AEM Updates AQ-1 Data Logger Software to Support More Devices Through AEMnet CANbus



AEM has released V1.7 software for the AQ-1 data logger, which increases the amount of AEM devices that the AQ-1 is able to data log through its AEMnet CANbus network. The software is available from the Downloads section and AQ-1 Data Logger page of the website, and can also be downloaded using the in-app updater, which will prompt users to download the new version of software.

New devices that the AQ-1 will accept through AEMnet include X-Series gauges, which can open up analog channels used for pressures and temps to monitor other 0-5v sensors, the Vehicle Dynamics module, which adds GPS/GLONASS for track mapping in addition to vehicle acceleration, pitch, roll and yaw, and expanded channels from all Infinity ECU models using any Firmware version.

For more information on this update, check out AEM.


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