Drop Engineering’s Front & Rear Hub 5 Lug Conversions for Nissan 240SX

89-94 Nissan 240SX/S13 Front Hub 5 Lug Conversion [One left front 5 lug hub + one right front 5 lug hub]
Part #: DMHUB-S13-89F

89-94 Nissan 240SX/S13 Rear Hub 5 Lug Conversion [One left rear 5 lug hub + one right rear 5 lug hub]
Part #: DMHUB-S13-89R



Drop Engineering has just released front and rear hubs for 5 lug conversions. Drift or drag cars that are driven hard need to be strong and durable throughout every component of the car. Strength at the wheels is no exception. Performing a 5 lug conversion from the OEM 4 lug hub provides additional strength to your wheels ensuring they won’t fall off under strenuous driving conditions. Beyond satisfying the performance aspect of the 5 lug hub, the conversion broadens the selection of wheels for your car.