2003 Acura RSX-S (Fastest RSX in Nevada)

Torres Acura RSX

Name: Camilo Torres
Location: Las Vegas,NV
Car: 2003 Acura RSX-S

photography done by Chris Prosser.

RSX Engine BayEngine:
k20a2 block
Wiseco Speedlab spec pistons
Blueprint Pro H beam rods
Tool steel upgraded wristpins
Blueprint headstuds
Polished and balanced crank
ERL s2000 oil pump
k24 oil pan
Garrett GT-35R
Peakboost manifold
Peakboost 3″ downpipe
Peakboost intercooler piping
Peakboost dumptube
Tial 44mm wastegate
Tial 50mm blow off valve
PWR intercooler
Speedlab 3″ test pipe
Kteller 3″ stainless steal piping
Vibrant ultra quiet resonator
Full balance and blueprint using all brand new oem Honda
bearings , chains , tensioner , new gaskets , and seals

Speedlab spec port job
Supertech valve springs w titanium retainers
Supertech nitrate coated ss intake valves
Supertech inconel exhaust valves
IPS KT1 cams
Spuntek lower timing chain guard
NGK spark plugs 8’s

Ep3 5 speed
Wavetrac LSD
Competition Clutch twindisc
Tilton clutch master cylinder
Braided SS custom hydraullic clutch line

Wheels and Tires / Suspension:
Work Emotion Replicas in 17 x 8
Nitto Neo Gens in Rear 225/45/17
Nitto Drag Radials in front 245/45/17
Muteki Lug nuts in polished finish
BC racing coilovers
SPC front and rear camber kit
removed front and rear sway
Hybrid Racing fuel rail
All black an fittings
-6AN & -8AN SS lines
Aeromotive A-1000 fuel pressure regulator
AutoMeter Fuel Pressure guage
1200cc Precision injectors
Dual intank Walbro fuel pumps

Engine Management:
Hondata Kpro
Hondata 4 bar map sensor
Hondata boost controller
Autometer Oil Pressure Guage
Autometer Coolant Temp Guage
Autometer Boost Guage
Hi / Low boost switch

Engine Bay:
Avid Racing Motor mounts 90A
RBC intank manifold
Wire tuck done by Speedlab
ABS delete
PS delete
AC delete
All braided SS vacuum lines
Shaved RBC and engine bay
Polished valve cover , RBC intake manifold and wastegate
Polished fuel line fittings and catch can fittings & IC piping
Polished Mugen oil cap
Polished Mugen radiator cap
Gold dipped blow off valve, throttle cable bracket, shifter cable bracket and fuel rail
JDM oil dip stick
Piston coated manifold , downpipes , dumptube , and turbo hotside
Relocated fuse box
Relocated clutch reservoir
Carbon Fiber spark plug cover
K-Tuned Ep3 adjustable idler pulley
Entire engine harness wrapped in heat protectant sleeving
Entire vehicle painted Azzurro California Metallic

I bought my car 5 years ago and the day I bought it I already knew I was going to turbo charge it. The same day I started buying parts for my project. A year later I was still completely stock but finally had all the parts I needed to turbo charge the motor and went from 200hp at the flywheel to 440hp to the wheels on a mustang dyno. I would frequently visit the local drag strip and drive the hell out of it and daily drove the car. Finally 2 1/2 years later , the motor gave up on Valentine’s day in 2010 along with a small oil fire that burned some plastic pieces, the rear bumper and some rubber boots. At first I was just going to build a race motor and repair the burned items but after the motor was pulled I started doing other stuff to the car to keep me busy.The whole rebuild took a little over a year and I took care of a lot of things I always wanted to do but never had the time. On my current setup I should be able to make 600hp to the wheels no problem but I will probably just keep her at about 500-550 because to much power on the stock trans and it will start blowing gears left and right. My future plans are racing seats , roll cage , and PPG gears. Once I get my PPG gears I will max out the turbo and go for mid to high 10s. As of right now I still have the fastest RSX in the state of Nevada but when I finish the car I would like to be top 5 fastest RSX in the USA. Special thanks goes out to my friend Brian Martinez at Speedlab for all his hard work during the whole process.

photography done by Chris Prosser.