The 440LPH inline fuel pump by Blox Racing

BLOX Racing is pleased to introduce its newest fuel pump. The 440LPH inline fuel pump is intended for high horsepower, naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI engines requiring high pressure fuel flow. This external unit has been extensively flow tested to ensure consistent and reliable fuel delivery every single time the ignition is started.

Perfect for high performance 4-cylinders and ideal for 6- and 8-cylinder builds. BLOX Racing 440LPH fuel pumps can be run as a dual-pump system or matched with one of BLOX Racing’s existing line of in-tank pumps.

Other high performance fuel pumps available are 255LPH and 320LPH and the compact 300LPH, including ethanol compatible units. For more information on the BLOX Racing 440LPH, and other fuel pumps, please contact your authorized sales representative.

BLOX Racing 440LPH Inline Fuel Pump
Part number: BXFU-04440