TDCauto Installs KTeller Exhaust

Nhia brought TDCauto his RSX-S for some simple bolt on’s, springs/retainers/cam and a tune. K-motors can be very responsive to modifications and tuning. For those who are not aware, the intake cam angle can be adjusted through the software up to 50 degrees. The exhaust cam can be adjusted manually but it’s hardly ever necessary. Cam angle tuning through the software is something we do for both imports and domestics where applicable. Although time consuming to tune, it guarantees maximum power/torque throughout the rev range. This RSX was tuned on Kpro which consists of 5 fuel and 5 ignition tables on the low cam and 5 fuel and 5ignition tables on the high cam…….. Very time consuming as you can imagine. KTeller exhaust was the next item to go on the car.

For comparison purposes: most K20 motors put down between 170-180whp untuned on our dyno. Also, 190whp out of these motors on an RSX chassis is enough for low 9’s for most and possible high 8’s with the right driver in the 1/8th.


We installed all the parts listed below:
1.) RDX 410cc fuel injectors
2.) IPS K2 Iron Core cams
3.) Supertech dual valvespring, steel retainers, seats, and seals
4.) Skunk2 Racing 3″ Muffler with 3″ KTeller Piping
5.) Hybrid Racing Timing Chain Tensioner

His Modifications already on the RSX:
1.) Injen cold air intake
2.) RBC intake manifold with Karcept adapter and Hondata intake manifold gasket (For those who don’t know that’s the intake manifold from the new civic si)
3.) Kiddracing Krusher header
4.) Hondata K-PRO

The head all set up and ready to go.

Hybrid Racing Timing Chain Tensioner Installed and ready to go.

KTeller 3″ Exhaust weld up and ready to go.

Realistically, it would of like vtec engagement closer to 4.5k rpms but it wouldn’t engage consistently so we left it at 5k rpms until he cleans his vtec solenoid oil screen.