PLM Polaris Slingshot Exhaust

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PLM (Private Label Mfg.) Power Driven Polaris Slingshot Exhaust with Adjustable Silencers is designed to be used as an upgrade to the stock exhaust and will also compliment a turbo setup as the exhaust is made of stainless steel. This exhaust & header is designed for any high power application, where huge power, huge torque. The exhaust comes with 3 silencer fittings so everyone can adjust the tone to their liking while on the track or street. The Exhaust comes standard with an anti-reversion chamber to eliminate unwanted exhaust gases to travel backwards through the exhaust system, which ideal for all forms of competition; autocross. drag racing and road racing. Private Label Mfg. Polaris Slingshot Ramhorn Header / Turbo Manifold is designed to be used as a upgrade to the stock manifold and will also compliment a turbo setup as the manifold is made of schedule 40 stainless steel.

For 2.4 liter Ecotec inline engines
Combo Package: Exhaust + Header
Brand New in Box
Made from 304 Stainless Steel
One year limited warranty
Machined CNC’ed manifold flange
1/2 inch flange
Professionally TIG welded and assembled
OEM fitment can be used with stock manifold / header or aftermarket exhaust system.
Collector is 2.5″
Thick 8 gauge / schedule 40 pipe
Ported runner and collector for better flow
Dual O2 Senor bung
Extra O2 Sensor can be used with wide band or other tuning o2 sensor.

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