Password:JDM Ultra-Lite Micro Locking Lug Nuts 12 x 1.5


Ever since we introduced the PWJDM Aluminum lug nuts, we have been bombarded with requests for a lower cost solution with some security. Our answer to the call is simple… the PWJDM Ultra-lite Micro Locking Lug Nuts… available in both 12×1.5 and 12×1.25 and only offered in BLACK.

We are offering these all because certain people want them. My opinion regarding wheel security… if a punk ass thief wants your wheels bad enough, he’ll find a way… and if you feel more secure resting at night knowing you have locking lug nuts, here you go! The security is moderate since you would need a key to unlock these. Not every thief would have such a key handy. Now if you want real security, go buy a pit bull and tie him to your wheels. You would definitely need to shop else where since the only thing we carry with a heartbeat are sluts. We’re not selling those as of yet. We’re keeping them around so we can “train” them from time to time.

Anyhow, the PWJDM Ultra-lite Micro Locking Lug Nuts comes with a “PWJDM P-circle” logo individually printed on the top so the whole world can see which company you support. Made of tempered steel, and treated with a highly corrosion resistant finish that can withstand the high temperatures generated from using your brakes all the time. This is particularly important all because I’ve seen too many lug nuts just fade to crap after a few months of use. Weighing only 32grams each… these weigh hardly nothing for all you weight reduction fanatics out there. I think the air you breathe every hour weighs more than these. No joke, these are the lightest steel lug nuts I have ever seen.

Prices start at $39.95 for a set of 16, and $49.95 for a set of 20. You cannot go wrong with these. The PasswordJDM Ultra-lite Micro Locking Lug Nuts… hmm… don’t even get me started. Just go out a buy a set already!

– Honda
– Acura
– Mazda
– Toyota
– Lexus
– Scion
– Mitsubishi
– All other vehicles that use 12×1.5 lug nuts  


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in