Password:JDM Ultimate Shock Tower Bar 02-05 Civic Si


Up until now, there was always something missing with a shock tower bar… It was either adjustable and flimsy, or rigid and lacked the adjustability. The Ultimate Shock Tower Bar from PWJDM has it all! Its adjustable, extremely rigid, pre-loadable and best of all, its upgradeable! By design, sooner or later, we will be offering add-ons to help you tie together the many possible controlled points within the upper inner-structure of your engine bay to increase rigidity that most cars lack from the factory. Once again, remember the name… The Ultimate Shock Tower Bar only from PWJDM!

Machined entirely of billet AL6061 mated together with components made of high tensile alloy stainless steel makes this the perfect upgrade for your car. You will never find a better designed, built or out of the box… A better Shock tower bar setup period! Now if you were wondering why in the world would you need one this well made, you might as well ask yourself…. Why the hell not? If you love your car and cherish the ride… The answer is simple. Go out and do yourself a favor, add this product to your car and go out and carve a canyon or two.

With a discounted starting price of only $139.99… This is a no brainer! Purchasing this product for your car is probably the smartest decision you can make! You can rest assured knowing that this product has the PWJDM dependability you have known so well for so long! We’ll still be around a lot longer than anyone else in the game! Engineered and produced entirely in house… Here at PasswordJDM! A true game changer… The Ultimate Shock Tower Bar from PWJDM!

  • Extremely Rigid by design, will not slip once installed and preloaded.
  • Adjustable and pre-loadable
  • Future add-ons makes this very upgradeable
  • Made of billet AL6061 with alloy SS303 mating components
  • Engineered and built in the USA
  • The ultimate Shock Tower Bar only from PWJDM!

NOTE: You must install hood risers to allow proper clearance for the shock tower bar.  


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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 6 in