K&N Press Release – KY-2911 Provides Extra Air to Kymco Downtown and Kawasaki J300 Scooter


ky-2911_altThe midsize scooter market is blossoming, and for good reason. Offerings like the Kymco Downtown and the Kawasaki J300 retain much of the fuel economy of small-displacement scooters, while offering the ability to keep up with traffic at highway speeds. If you own one of these middle-displacement scooters you know exactly what we mean. Despite the larger displacement of the mid-size scooters in the Kymco and Kawasaki line, the engines are limited by restrictive OEM filter elements. K&N now offers the KY-2911 air filter for both the Kymco Downtown and the Kawasaki J300 that will provide both superior filtration and a welcome bump in power.


The KY-2911 fits directly and securely into the air box of the applications in the list at the end of the article. The cartridge houses the amazing K&N filter media. That cotton gauze filter material is washable and reusable forever. K&N’s Limited Million Mile Warranty ensures that this is the last filter you’ll ever buy for your scooter. The filter can be easily washed using one of K&N’s convenient kits like the K&N 99-5000. Cleaning is typically only needed annually in an enclosed air box application like the KY-2911, depending on driving conditions. Another benefit of the washability of the KY-2911 is that it reduces waste by eliminating the need for disposing of dozens of non-washable filters.



Like every carefully engineered K&N filter, the KY-2911 is designed to increase horsepower and torque. The K&N KY-2911 comes pre-oiled and ready to install and ride. An added bonus is that K&N filters have been proudly made in the USA for four decades.


It couldn’t be easier to insert a little more airflow into your Kymco Downtown or Kawasaki J300. The combination of great filtration and an unsurpassed warranty makes the K&N KY-2911 a no-brainer for your Kymco or Kawasaki mid-size scooter. K&N is constantly adding new and exciting products to its lineup, so consult K&N’s search by vehicle tool to find air filters, intakes, and oil filters for every engine in your garage.

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