8th Gen Civic Radiator & Hose Install

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Mishimoto Radiator and Hose Install in 8th Gen Civic

Approx. install time: About an hour
Tools Needed:

  • 10mm socket 3/8 or 1/4 Drive
  • 3/8 or 1/4 drive ratchet
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • Metric allen keys
  • Pliers – i used needle nose
  • Coolant
  • Rags
  • Funnel

Let’s start by removing the black plastic shroud pictured below. pop the clips out with the flat head screwdriver.. circled in yellowMishimoto Civic

Next we slide the shroud towards the motor to release from the grille.

 ok, Now slide the shroud forward now clearing the hood latch mechanism. We’ve circled are the 10mm bolts that you need to remove for the upper support to come out. the arrows are for 10mm bolts that aren’t visible in the picture. the 2 lower arrows are for 10mm long bolts that hold the ac condenser in place that is under the grille brackets. use the correct allen key on the grille brackets.

Next, unplug the hood latch wiring from behind the crossmember and slide plug off holder. then set the hood latch mechanism aside for the moment. theres clips holding part of the wiring harness to the upper cross member.. i used a combination of the needle nose pliers and the flathead to pop them free. there is approx. 4 clips holding the harness on.

 Now, check that nothing else is attached to the crossmember and lift it upwards and also set aside. you can remove it totally by popping the clips that hold the hood latch mechanism cable on but i did not find that necessary.
Next, now the radiator fans. i started with the passenger side one removing the 2 10mm bolts at the top and then unclipping the plug. there is also a wire harness holder just next to the plug that will need to be removed.
Now once the pass side fan is removed u can unbolt the drivers side one and unplug it like the last. at this point if you haven’t drained your coolant you can do so by either removing the lower radiator hose that attaches to the motor or opening the little white “pet****” at the bottom of the radiator. Remove the upper radiator hose and also the hose with the filler cap attached. remove the fan.
Ok, now once drained,  you can lift the radiator straight up out of the car. i left the lower rad hose attached to the radiator so if any coolant was left in the rad it wouldn’t spill all over the place while i was removing it. the arrow on the right and circle all the way to the left are the rubber grommets that need to be reused. also circled was the white “pet****” for reference, the temp sensor which needs to be reused, and the rad hose clamps that will be reused.
The circled sections are where you place the rubber grommets. i found it easier to set them into the holes first because they didnt wanna stay on the radiators “feet”.
Install new lower radiator hose onto the radiator with clamps and lower the radiator into its grommets in the car. attached lower rad hose to engine and slide clamp back into place using pliers.
Next plug temp sensor back in and attach wire harness holder to lower rad tab. put drivers side fan back in setting the lower “feet” into radiator tabs and re bolt with 10mm bolts at top. connect all necessary plugs and holders to fan. attach upper radiator hose using factory clamps also. Then attach short hose with filler cap back on also. on a note i could not get the factory clamp to fit on the hose at the rad side so i used a standard spiral clamp. put passenger side fan back into place with “feet” in the lower tabs, 2 10mm bolts in the top and all necessary wiring plugged back in.
Now set crossmember back into place. attach upper radiator supports (circled) with 10mm bolts.
 ok, so now you can reinstall all other 10mm bolts for the crossmember and the hood latch mechanism
Then you can install upper shroud in reverse order by setting it on the latch mechanism through the hole then setting it into the upper grille and dropped into place. install all remaining push pins.
Last refill radiator with coolant until its full. install cap. run the car to bring it upto a few bars on temp. let it cool down a few mins. the few minutes you’re waiting start wiping things down and clean up your tools and box up your old radiator and hoses for safe keeping. the car should be cool enough at this point for you to check your coolant level.. using a rag, place the rag on the cap and turn it slowly to release pressure. some coolant could spray out so watch your eyes when doing this. mine was cool enough to where i opened it i just had some air pressure release. top off coolant as necessary. wipe up any spilled coolant and enjoy your hard work!

NOTE: i am not responsible for any blinding, death, dismemberment, and or anything else bad that happens to you while doing this install

this is for informational purposes only. just my $.02

thank you and have a lovely day

  • DIY Write up also available on 8thcivic.com as well as other information on later year Civics.