QA1 Press Release – New Redesigned Mustang Race Control Arms from QA1!

QA1 Press Release – New Redesigned Mustang Race Control Arms from QA1!


Reduce unsprung weight and improve weight distribution with the newly redesigned QA1 race control arms for 1979-2004 Mustangs.

  • Tubular construction provides 50% weight savings over stock
  • Lightweight design improves handling by allowing suspension to react quickly
  • Ideal for drag racing, pro-touring, and hardcore street use
  • Designed to work with QA1 coil-over struts
  • Available in QA1 drag racing and handling full-vehicle suspension kits

Low Friction Ball Joints

  • Reduce friction in front suspension
  • Heat-treated studs provide extreme strength
  • Self-lubricating components for smooth operation
  • Owner rebuildable for economical maintenance
  • Available in extended lengths for roll center adjustment
  • Also available individually

Sway Bar Mounts

  • Front sway bars can now be mounted to QA1 Mustang control arms
  • Available on both race and street Mustang control arms
  • Allow for optimized street, autocross, and pro-touring setups

X Series Rod Ends

  • Heat-treated, chromoly steel body for increased durability
  • Wear resistant, self-sealing, molded nylon race
  • Self-lubricating construction for ease-of-mind and easy maintenance
  • Increased cross-sectional thickness for greater tensile strength

For more information on these race control arms, check out QA1.


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