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How To’s & Install Guides are a great way to help answers those simple questions. We have several How To articles written and can help you install a radiator, install exhaust system, install header or install your intake.

December 1, 2010

No Weld O2 Sensor

AEM No Weld O2 Sensor Mount By Mike Kojima of Being able to quickly attach a bung for a wide band 02 sensor is a big pain in the ass.  I know a lot of you have probably tried to help a friend tune their car.  No matter how […]
November 14, 2010

Omnipower Install

Omni-Power USA Full Body CoiloversClick here for installation instructions for the Omni Power USA Full Body Coilovers. Omni-Power USA Front Camber KitClick here for installation instructions for the Omni Power USA Front Camber Arms. Omni-Power USA Quicklutch Master CylinderClick here for installation instructions for the Omni Power USA Quicklutch Master […]
October 18, 2011

Progress Tech. Sway Bar Install

Progress Technology Sway Bar After we installed the coilovers on Moto1, we immediately noticed the improvement in handling overall. However, we also knew that the stock rear swaybar wasn’t up to the task. So we contacted our friends at Progress to discuss some swaybar upgrades for the WRX. Jeff at […]
November 14, 2010

Right size wheels & tires

The Right Size Wheels & Tires This is a tough question to directly answer because it depends on your Civic’s year and how much it has been lowered. In general, these are the recommended maximum wheel sizes (in inches, height x width): This will help you find the right size […]
November 14, 2010

RM HVTEC Install

How To Degree H22X HVTEC cams: TRADITIONAL METHOD 1. Lock VTEC 2. Adjust valve-lash to zero (measure between valvetip and tappet screw). 3. Find approximate TDC (using indicator or visually) and set degree wheel. 4. Find exact TDC by using a piston stop.  TDC will be the exact middle of […]
May 10, 2015

Skunk2 Camshaft Identification Information

Skunk2 Cams have marking for ID identification. Each camshaft will be identified by stamping and or markings on the actual cam shaft. After seeing a number of emails and getting phone calls about the markings on the Skunk2 B & H camshafts we thought it would be a good time to create […]
May 19, 2011

Stop-Tech WRX Big Brake Kit

Stop-Tech WRX Big Brake Kit Recently the team attacked the WRX to install the Stop-Tech Big Brake Kit.  Immediately when you open the boxes for this kit you can see the attention to detail put into the kit.  The parts themselves look amazing, and the solid packaging guarantees that the […]
November 14, 2010

Subframe Brace Install

Aftermarket Sub Frame Reinforcement Brace General Applicability 1994-2001 Acura Integra Sedan GS-R, GS, LS, RS and Special Edition 1994-2001 Acura Integra Coupe GS-R, GS, LS, RS and Special Edition 1992-1995 Civic Sedan EX, LX, DX 1992-1995 Civic Coupe EX, DX 1992-1995 Civic Hatch Back Si, VX, DX,CX 1993-1997 Del Sol […]
November 18, 2010

Thermostat Installation

How To Guide: Installing a Mishimoto thermostat. Precautions Never open the radiator cap/release pressure in the system when the car’s engine is warm, or immediately after operating. Note This is to serve as a general guide. Keep in mind that each and every vehicle is somewhat different when installing a […]
November 14, 2010

Tips to maintain your ride

Any other helpful tips? Yes, here are several more simple tips that will keep your Civic running at peak power and reliability for years to come. 1. Keep your tires properly inflated. You’d be surprised what an affect bad tire pressure can have on overall performance. Use your owner’s manual […]
November 18, 2010

Tire maintenance 101

The science of tires and maintaining them. It doesn’t matter if you own a $10,000 economy sedan or a $80,000 sports coupe, maintaing your tires should be kept up with just like oil changes and car washes. Why you ask? Left alone tires will discolor, dry out, crack, and overall […]
November 7, 2013

What’s blowing out your tailpipe?

 What’s blowing out your tailpipe? Posted By Patricia Kaowthumrong, Aftermarket exhaust could become a thing of the past if we as an industry do not remain diligent. Lawmakers, while well meaning can sometimes be less than completely informed on the subject; and that can have tragic consequences. It is up […]
May 2, 2016

Which Tokico shock is best for you?

Which Tokico Shock type fits your needs?   The following information has been compiled to help you select the correct suspension option for your personal ride preference. HTS Shocks: HTS series shocks and struts allow drivers to tune suspension adjustments for every style of driving from autocross, road racing, and […]
January 1, 2011

Why KTeller Exhaust?

When it comes to exhaust systems, especially ones for sport compacts, there are only a handful of companies out there. However they all seems to subscribe to the same mentality when designing their systems, use 2.25″ pipe, a few nuts and bolts and away you go. There is no flexibility […]
May 31, 2011

Why We Use/Recommend Magnaflow Products

MagnaFlow Performance mufflers are 100% stainless steel and lap-joint welded for solid construction and rugged reliability even in the most extreme conditions. They feature a free-flowing, straight-through perforated stainless steel core, stainless mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill to deliver that smooth, deep tone. Mufflers are packed tight with this […]