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February 3, 2017

Design Engineering Inc. Press Release – New Reflective Dump Can Cover

[ad_1] Most paddocks and pit areas require fuel to be stored outside, exposing your expensive investment to the summer sun. This exposure heats up the can, shortening the life of the fuel, degrading the performance potential. Most race fuel manufacturers recommend covering race fuel and limiting exposer to the sun. […]
March 23, 2017

Diablosport Press Release – DiabloSport Now Supports 2017 F150 2.7L Ecoboost and 5.0L Trucks

[ad_1] Coverage for the 2017 2.7L and 5.0L F150 is here.  Ford makes the best selling pickup trucks on the market and DiabloSport offers exclusive features designed for daily driving, towing, and added fuel economy.  Of course, there is always room for “more” and making power gains that improve your […]
May 29, 2017

Diablosport Press Release – DiabloSport Now Supports 2017 V8 Dodge/Chrysler/Ram Hemi

[ad_1] DiabloSport is proud to be first to market with the release of support for 2017 V8 Dodge/Ram Hemi tuning on the inTune2!  Diablo has been the go-to tuning solution for these vehicles for years so it’s no surprise that we are the first to market and more importantly, best […]
July 5, 2017

DiabloSport Press Release – DiabloSport Now Tuning 2017 F150 3.5L Ecoboost

[ad_1] DiabloSport Now Supports 2017 F150 3.5L EcoboostPredator 2 (P2) is the most exciting tuning product in the industry today.  We’ve taken things a step further with our first wave of extended application support for P2, PN 7102.  On the 2017 3.5L Ecoboost F150, we’re adding a staggering 86 HP […]
June 26, 2017

DiabloSport Press Release – Now Supporting 2017 Chevrolet SS

[ad_1] Being best in market is a trend we’re pleased to continue setting for the GM line of vehicles. 2017 Chevrolet SS 6.2L support is now live on the industry-leading Diablo inTune i2 and Trinity tuners! This head-turning and tire-roasting sedan is a fan favorite for a high horsepower sleeper. […]
June 13, 2017

DiabloSport Press Release – Now Supporting 2017 Chevy/GMC Gas Trucks

[ad_1] Tuning GM trucks has been a staple for DiabloSport for years and we’re excited to continue that tradition with 2017 model year support.  There is a lot of power, drive-ability improvement and mileage potential in these trucks from the factory and our tuning helps you unlock that potential.  Get […]
August 19, 2011

Drop Engineering’s 2009+ Nissan 370Z Transmission & Engine Mounts

09+ Nissan 370Z Engine Mount Kit Part #: DM-370Z-09 09+ Nissan 370Z Transmission Mount Kit Part #: DM-370Z-09T         Drop Engineering 2009+ Nissan 370Z Transmission Mounts are assembled from 6061 aluminum and 304 stainless steel. The transmission mounts also come equipped with rigid polyurethane bushings that have […]
August 22, 2011

Drop Engineering’s Front & Rear Hub 5 Lug Conversions for Nissan 240SX

89-94 Nissan 240SX/S13 Front Hub 5 Lug Conversion [One left front 5 lug hub + one right front 5 lug hub] Part #: DMHUB-S13-89F 89-94 Nissan 240SX/S13 Rear Hub 5 Lug Conversion [One left rear 5 lug hub + one right rear 5 lug hub] Part #: DMHUB-S13-89R     […]
November 11, 2010

E&J 8 Injector TB

This billet Throttle body is CNC machined from T-6 aluminum in house. This item is built to fit 8 injectors with Ford model injector plugs and has the holley #4150 bolt pattern. This piece has everything that a throttle body should have for example, machined venturis for better flow, roller […]
April 6, 2017

Edelbrock Press Release – Annual Carburetor Promotion (Big Carb Deal)

[ad_1] The annual “Big Carb Deal” for consumers is back for the 8th year in a row. Participating consumers can get a free air cleaner assembly when they purchase a new Edelbrock Performer Series or Thunder Series AVS carburetor between March 1 and April 30, 2017. Eligible purchases include any […]
March 23, 2017

Edelbrock Press Release – E-CNC Cylinder Heads for Small-Block Chevy

[ad_1] These E-CNC cylinder heads feature a large bowl cross-section while retaining good port velocity. These heads maintain the stock 23° valve angle and the intake flange is drilled to accept 1986 and earlier intake manifold designs. They also feature an extra thick 11/16″ deck and are ideal for high-end […]
March 30, 2017

Edelbrock Press Release – E-Force Supercharger System for 2015-17 Jeep Wrangler

[ad_1] System 1528 requires the consumer or installer to remove the vehicle’s ECM and TCM and ship them to Edelbrock in the supplied, pre-paid carton. The Edelbrock Calibration Department will modify the vehicle’s computer for supercharger compatibility. This process will take approximately 8-10 business days from the time the computers […]
December 15, 2016

Edelbrock Press Release – Introducing the New MAX-FIRE Hi Performance Spark Plug Wires

[ad_1] Edelbrock Max-Fire® Ultra-Spark® performance spark plug wires are manufactured from highest quality materials to help deliver maximum voltage – ensuring the ultimate performance. These wires have an extremely high EMI/RFI suppression along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible. They feature a heavy duty […]
June 6, 2017

Edelbrock Press Release – Super Victor Iintake Manifolds for Gen IV LS Engines with LS7 Cylinder Heads!

[ad_1] These Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifolds are designed for Gen IV LS engines equipped with LS7 cylinder heads or Edelbrock Pro-Port Victor Jr. cylinder heads.The new Super Victor intake manifold #2887 is capable of airflow demands of 750+ hp on naturally aspirated engines operating in the 3500-8000 rpm range. […]
June 28, 2017

Edelbrock Press Release – TVS 2650 for E-Force Superchargers

[ad_1] Edelbrock is excited to announce the release of its E-Force Superchargers featuring the new Eaton Gen VI R2650 TVS rotor pack for 2015-17 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Charger and Ford Mustangs. The Eaton TVS R2650 rotor pack is 15 percent larger than the TVS R2300 series that we have […]
May 29, 2017

Edelbrock Press Release – Universal Micro Electric Fuel Pumps

[ad_1] Edelbrock Universal Micro Electric Fuel Pumps deliver maximum performance in a compact package. They feature a durable simple design that reduces the chance of vapor lock and flooding. Edelbrock Universal Micro Electric Fuel Pumps are easy to install and operate quietly so you won’t know its there! Includes fuel […]