May 25, 2017

Corbeau Press Release – 5-Point Camlock Harness Belt Recall (53001B, 53007B, 53009B)

Corbeau USA, LLC has recently discovered a potential safety issue with its 5-Point Camlock Harness Belts. We have reason to believe that on a small percentage of belts, the right lap insert tab had the hole drilled off center by a 1/16th of an inch, causing the lock pin inside […]
May 24, 2017

Magnaflow Press Release – New Touring Series Cat-Back Exhaust for 2016-2017 Fiat 500X 2.4L

New Touring Series Cat-Back Exhaust for 2016-2017 Fiat 500X 2.4L Made in the USA and engineered to last, for those seeking increased performance and better economy, MagnaFlow Touring Series Exhaust systems deliver the smooth deep sound you want and the wide-open performance power you need. Our exhaust systems feature straight-through flow designs […]
May 24, 2017

AEM Press Release – Add Big Performance to Your Little 4th Gen Mazda Miata

It’s said that the Mazda Miata was born out of a conversation between Mazda R&D Shief Kenichi Yamamoto and Automotive Journalist Bob Hall. Sometime during the late 1970s, the two men discussed the idea of creating a small sports car that combined all the fun-to-drive characteristics of a traditional British […]
May 5, 2017

COBB Tuning Press Release – New Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Intake with Air Scoop For Ford Focus ST 2013-2017

The COBB Ford Limited Edition Focus ST Carbon Intake with Air Scoop is a great way to dress up your engine bay and increase performance. Included is an oiled dual cone filter to increase airflow and amplify that great turbo sound. The piping to the turbo is replaced with a […]